KICK OFF Meeting Bremen, Germany

On 6th and 7th May 2015, HIGHTS Kick-Off meeting were successfully held at Jacobs University Bremen in Germany. All partners participated.

On the first day, we introduced ourselves and made presentation about who we are and what our expectation to the HIGHTS project is.
We firstly shared our goal. What HIGHTS project is all about? How do we want to be known?
Answere is, “HIGHTS shall deliver high-precision and cost-effective cooperative positioning solution with focus on ITS.” Particularly,

“HIGHTS aims at 25 cm positioning precision“.

Under the current navigation system, the precision of location positioning is about 2 meters.
With HIGHTS project, we will achieve 25cm of precision.
We have very clear and concrete plans to achieve this goal by regroup state-of-the-art GNSS and various ranging technologies, cooperative communications and advanced fusion/consolidation of positioning information.

The project are very carefully designed and partners are carefully selected since the planning. In HIGHTS project, we have all partners that play key nodes of the chain of development of technology from core research, development of the technology, marketization of the technology and eventually to the standardization via ETSI. Every partners has own strength and responsibilities are allocated according to it.

Then, presentations on general technical issues, financial management, deliverable were followed.

On the second day, more specific topics on each work package (WP2-WP7) were discussed.


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