HIGHTS deliverables published

Recently HIGHTS intermediary deliverables and some final deliverables are published.

Newly added deliverables are the followings:

  • D2.3 – UseCases-AppReq
  • D2.4 – Location Sub-system
  • D3.2 – Protocols & Facilities (Cooperative Communications) [Consolidated]
  • D3.3 – Protocols & Facilities (Cooperative Communications) [Final]
  • D4.2 – Definitions Of The Cooperative Ranging Sub-system
  • D5.3 ‐ Cooperative Localization Algorithms And Hybrid Data Fusion Schemes [Intermediary]
  • D5.4 – Specifications Of Implemented Cooperative And Fusion Algorithms [Final]
  • D6.2 – Integration Security And Privacy


Summaries are available at http://hights.eu/deliverables/.

All document can be downloadable at http://hights.eu/documents-2/.

D3.4, D4.3, D6.3 and D7.2 are expected to be published soon.