EuCNC 2015 Paris, France

HIGHTS has been promoted in many relevant events not only in the ITS area but also in communications sector.

On 29th June to 2nd July 2015,a booth advertising HIGHTS has been organized at EuCNC’15, the European Conference on Networks and Communications, held in Paris, France. It was the demonstration of localization algorithms and technologies with particular emphasis for the V2X aspects by the cooperation of Jacobs University Bremen and BeSpoon.

The demonstration aims to introduce the latest ready-to-market technologies for high position accuracy. It was offered a set of different prototypes and actual sensors enabling a proof of concept of some main communication aspects for Cooperative ITS. Especially, we showed how to dynamically ensure communication between mobile vehicles as well as the localization capabilities of the newest V2V standards and its robustness. A series of video offered insights on ego positioning technologies and landmark navigation, reproducing the environment as perceived by the driver of an highly automated car.

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