ICT 2015 Lisbon, Portugal

On 20th-22nd October 2015, HIGHTS joined the ICT 2015 event in Lisbon Portugal with our partners DLR and EURECOM. HIGHTS ICT’15 session was set at Room 1.06 on 22nd October at 14:00-14:45.

The demonstrations showed the latest ready-to-market technologies of our high position accuracy system.

ICT’15 is one of the biggest ICT event of the world. It is announced that the event had over 6000 participants, 23 videos, 23000 tweets and 5200 Twitter users that actively joined the online debate.


The Objective of our Demonstration

Geo-localization is a critical requirement of Cooperative-ITS (C-ITS) safety and traffic efficiency applications as well as many other applications. All Cooperative-ITS Basic Set of Application (BSA) currently proposed rely on the availability of GNSS geo-localization providing a positioning precision of the order of 2-7 meters in favorable conditions. Although not even sufficient for all actors using these applications, in particular for Road Hazard Warning and future C-ITS applications targeted by the Transport and Automotive Industry with high growth potential, such as safety of vulnerable road users or autonomous driving/platooning, current positioning precision is far from efficient. These applications are expected to require a level of precision at a sub-meter precision (< 0.5m), which is not yet available to ITS applications by any mass market GNSS technology (including Galileo). Also, the global availability and precision of the GNSS technologies is widely overestimated in current ITS applications, which raises the question of the true positioning capabilities of the C-ITS applications and their effectiveness, in particular in the case of traffic safety applications in highly dense urban environments.

Contact: Ronald Raulefs (DLR) Ronald.Raulefs@dlr.de


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